Extremely friendly, outgoing, educated people in an isolated, dramatically beautiful country. We had a spiritual experience in Bhutan.

Dan Lap

New York

Our trip exceeded our expectations in every way. I will highly recommend Lingkor Tours to all considering a visit to Bhutan.

Caroline Fitchett

Portland, Oregon

Lingkor Tours did such a great job that I will recommend my friends choose this travel agency if they plan to visit Bhutan. It is hard for me to imagine that any other tour company in Bhutan could equal the quality of service provided by Lingkor Tours.

Constance Case

Wisconsin, USA

Trip of a lifetime which was enabled by world-class guide and crew.

Phil Weatherill

Wonderful experience with a top-notch guide, assistant guide and staff.

Kent R Donaldson

I was one of the people with the Sierra Club group of February 8 to 28, and want to tell you what a wonderful time I had.  The trekking was quite difficult for me, but Bhutan is beautiful, the people are lovely, and it was just a great experience!

I also wish to let you know that both of our guides, Tshetem and Raj, were absolutely wonderful.  They were pleasant, funny, informative, and always patient and helpful.  They are a great asset to your organization!

Also, thank you very much for the party you had for us at your home.  It was really nice, and very interesting to meet some of the officials who were there.  Also fun to try the Bhutanese dancing.

Thank you for all the work and organization that went into making our trip a success and a great pleasure!

Best Regards,
Loretta Dipboye
San Francisco, CA USA

I was at your home with the Sierra Club last Saturday and want to thank you for welcoming us with your gracious hospitality.

The dinner was delicious and the musicians and comedian were very entertaining.  I very much enjoyed meeting both of you and your friends and associates. And was honoured to join you all in traditional Bhutanese song and dance.  Despite wearing a Gho for the first time, it felt very natural.  I must admit, before the party Raj and Tshetem saved me from
embarrassment with some constructive fashion tips. Otherwise, I may have been part of the entertainment.

I recently met with Joyce, one of the other trekkers, and we exchanged photos and reminisced on the very positive impact Bhutan had had on us.  The kindness and dignity of the people together with the beautiful landscape and Buddhist values give me a lot to look
forward to.  Tenga and the guide crew achieved a high standard of professionalism and diplomacy through all the ups and downs.  It would be a privilege to return to Bhutan someday.

I look forward to hearing of your continued success with Lingkor Tours and hope to see both of you again either in Bhutan or the US.

Same Kadinche,
Nicholas Wickes

Thanks again so much for all your patience and kindness while I was there. Not fun to get bit by dogs and then in the end choose to leave to get all the extra shots, but even still Tenga it was wonderful for me to be there .   And I really appreciated the freedom you allowed me as your guest .   This way I felt like an old friend rather than a strict tourist, and I believe it led me to such a good meeting with the Lopen at Pangri Zampa and then to Zulikeha, making tsadsa and deeper levels of connection that I so often feel when I am there.  So thanks many times.

I will pass Lingkor Tours name to all my friends that inquire about traveling to B.   If I can be of any help or link in Alaska please let me know.   And you and Benchen or always welcome to stay on your flights over the top of the world.

Until we meet again I wish you all happiness and health, blue sky days

Kathy and I wish to thank you so much for the wonderful tour in Bhutan.  We were thoroughly impressed with the excellent professional service and we were overwhelmed with the warm friendship and care; especially when Barbara needed to change their itinerary and stay longer Thimpu.

We have been telling all our friends how much we enjoyed our vacation in the Himalayas; especially in Bhutan.  I hope your business is doing well and that you get to spend enough time at home with your wife and young son.

Kathy and Roger Goldstein 

It has been three months since our trip to Bhutan but its magic has not folded.
We chose Bhutan on the spur of the moment and are ever-so-grateful we did. We will never forget the beauty of the mountains, the magic of its culture, the warmth and literacy!) of its people, the charm of the national dress and architecture.

Bhutan is indeed a world apart, and a world that inspires with its peacefulness and its ability to stay true to its own principles and outlook. We felt fortunate indeed to be in the good hands of Lingkor Tours & Treks. We had a terrific young guide and a miraculously competent driver both of whom helped us navigate the otherness of a nation so little known to outsiders like us. Accommodations were great for the most part, and even those that were less than great added to our understanding of Bhutan’s still gradual opening of the outside world. The food was always good, and carefully adapted for western travelers (still, you have to watch out for those peppers!).

We thank you and your staff from the bottom of our hearts for the care you invested in making our trip one of our very best. Thank you for your consistent professionalism and your warm hospitality in Thimphu.

Most Sincerely,
Beth Ashley
Feature writer and columnist
Novato, CA, USA

My travel companion and I were so pleased with the independent travel trip in Bhutan that you arranged for us. I’d like to recommend the trip to anyone who is interested in a safe, comfortable, but highly unusual journey.

Bhutan truly is a beautiful, peaceful little kingdom, filled with interesting sights and friendly, gracious people. We traveled for 12 days in a brand new van driven by a cheerful and extremely good driver. (you have to be good on the challenging mountain highway that takes you through the heart of the country!) We stayed in five different hotels or charming lodges, ate too well, and enjoyed every moment.

Our guide was remarkably kind, patient, and knowledgeable. He gave us the “short course” in Bhutan’s version of Tibetan Buddhism, helping us to understand the historical culture, as well as the present way of life. To every temple or monastery we visited, at least one wonderful story was attached. We felt the depth and power of the Bhutanese belief in the sanctity of “every sentient being.” The rivers, the lush forests, and all forms of flora and fauna are zealously protected by law.

We also had a taste of everyday life, watching expert teams of archers compete on a grassy field, picknicking beside clear mountain streams, and roaming the amazing market in the capital city, Thimphu, where everything from dried red pepper to Bhutan’s exquisite hand woven textiles can be found.

A special treat: we were allowed to watch the festival dances by the monks of Jakar Dzong, a gold-roofed monastery perched high above a verdant valley. Colorful costumes, vhants, the throb of drums combined to make this one of the most spectacular events we had ever witnessed. We were as enthralled as the Bhutanese people who had gathered to celebrate the holiday.

Finally, we appreciated the very efficient and thoughtful way in which Lingkor Tours & Treks (Bhutan) made arrangements for our trip. Everything went smoothly from beginning to end.

Nada Kovalik
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

I wanted to tell you what a good time we had on our trip last fall. Bhutan is such a beautiful country with all the trees, wide glacial valleys and rivers. The people in Bhutan are so friendly and natural. The Thimphu Festival was so colorful. I enjoyed sitting on the ground with all the Bhutanese people packed around me. The Festival in Bumthang was much more rural but we were really up close to the dancers. We had such an excellent guide, Tsultrim, who really took good care of our every need. Our driver was superb considering all the rain and muddy roads. We certainly saw many dzongs and found each on different. The hike to Tiger Nest was definitely a highlight. We were continually surprised at the hospitality of the guest houses we stayed in and had some excellent meals.

Tibet is such a contrast to Bhutan with its high brown mountains and beautiful blue sky. Since we were there after the harvest, we saw many people from the outlying areas in Lhasa. Their colorful dress and jewelry was beautiful. Our guide was knowledgeable but had a very bad cold; he did his best under the circumstances. Seeing mount Everest was thrilling.

By the time we got to India, we were wondering is it would be a disappointment. Not so. We loved every minute of the India and saw so much in a short amount of time. It was great to be in Varanasi during a festival and having a morning and evening boat ride on the Ganges. The temple ruins in Khajuraho were fascinating. Of course, the Taj Mahal was a highlight, but Jaiphur and Delhi were interesting, too. We both really enjoyed the Indian food. Our guides and drivers in each city were really good.

All in all, we had a great trip and one we won’t ever forget.

Debby and Jerry Goodell
Ben Lomand, CA

Thanks for a good tour of your country. We liked it very much. Your most treasured and positive attribute is a realistic population of 600,000. The mountains are beautiful – the people are beautiful & happy & getting educated.

If ever in our part of Florida, give us a call.

Thanks again. 
Tom & Clara Marilyn

Pinellas Park, FL

Thank you so much for making our travel arrangements to Nepal and Bhutan; we had a wonderful journey! All of the reservations, tickets, and other arrangements that you made for us worked out well and went smoothly. Your assistance in getting things done is greatly appreciated.

While in Bhutan we had good experiences with our guide, Tsering and our drive Zongla was fantastic; we would highly recommend him to other Bhutan visitors. Both of them were helpful and made our time in Bhutan a delightful. We really appreciate your efforts that arranged for us to spend time with Mr. Wangchuk Rabten, the Director of Bhutan’s Teacher Training College; he was most welcoming and informative and it was a professional honor to meet with him.

We were very pleased that we selected you as travel agent and want to thank you for your efforts in making our trip function so well. We would enthusiastically recommend your travel agency to others interested in traveling to either Bhutan or Nepal.

Joan H. Strouse, Ph.D.

William D. Greenfield, Jr., Ph.D.

I had the privelege of joining Tenga – La for the Buddhist empowerment tour in India.
I just wanted to write and say that the trip was wonderful, truly the experience of a lifetime. Tenga-la knows everyone in India, apparently, at least everyone who counts! His breadth of knowledge of Himachal Pradesh and the Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and other sites is encyclopedic. His knowledge of the Buddhadharma is likewise vast and was extremely helpful.

As a tourguide, Tenga – La was all that I could ask for. He took excellent care of us, and is a very warm and friendly person, to boot. He did everything imaginable (and lots of things I never would have thought of) to make everyone on the tour happy. Considering the variety of people and desires represented on our tour, that was no mean accomplishment.
If I were to change one thing about the tour, I would add more down time – more time to rest and integrate the incredible richness and diversity of experience we encountered.
Thanks for a wonderful experience. I am saving money for a Bhutan tour soon as I can make it. Please give my warmest regards and good wishes to Tenga-la himself.

John O. Rose
Om Mani Peme Hung!

Thanks again so much for all your patience and kindness while I was there.

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