Same Kadinche

I was at your home with the Sierra Club last Saturday and want to thank you for welcoming us with your gracious hospitality.

The dinner was delicious and the musicians and comedian were very entertaining.  I very much enjoyed meeting both of you and your friends and associates. And was honoured to join you all in traditional Bhutanese song and dance.  Despite wearing a Gho for the first time, it felt very natural.  I must admit, before the party Raj and Tshetem saved me from
embarrassment with some constructive fashion tips. Otherwise, I may have been part of the entertainment.

I recently met with Joyce, one of the other trekkers, and we exchanged photos and reminisced on the very positive impact Bhutan had had on us.  The kindness and dignity of the people together with the beautiful landscape and Buddhist values give me a lot to look
forward to.  Tenga and the guide crew achieved a high standard of professionalism and diplomacy through all the ups and downs.  It would be a privilege to return to Bhutan someday.

I look forward to hearing of your continued success with Lingkor Tours and hope to see both of you again either in Bhutan or the US.

Thanks again so much for all your patience and kindness while I was there.

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