Nada Kovalik

My travel companion and I were so pleased with the independent travel trip in Bhutan that you arranged for us. I’d like to recommend the trip to anyone who is interested in a safe, comfortable, but highly unusual journey.

Bhutan truly is a beautiful, peaceful little kingdom, filled with interesting sights and friendly, gracious people. We traveled for 12 days in a brand new van driven by a cheerful and extremely good driver. (you have to be good on the challenging mountain highway that takes you through the heart of the country!) We stayed in five different hotels or charming lodges, ate too well, and enjoyed every moment.

Our guide was remarkably kind, patient, and knowledgeable. He gave us the “short course” in Bhutan’s version of Tibetan Buddhism, helping us to understand the historical culture, as well as the present way of life. To every temple or monastery we visited, at least one wonderful story was attached. We felt the depth and power of the Bhutanese belief in the sanctity of “every sentient being.” The rivers, the lush forests, and all forms of flora and fauna are zealously protected by law.

We also had a taste of everyday life, watching expert teams of archers compete on a grassy field, picknicking beside clear mountain streams, and roaming the amazing market in the capital city, Thimphu, where everything from dried red pepper to Bhutan’s exquisite hand woven textiles can be found.

A special treat: we were allowed to watch the festival dances by the monks of Jakar Dzong, a gold-roofed monastery perched high above a verdant valley. Colorful costumes, vhants, the throb of drums combined to make this one of the most spectacular events we had ever witnessed. We were as enthralled as the Bhutanese people who had gathered to celebrate the holiday.

Finally, we appreciated the very efficient and thoughtful way in which Lingkor Tours & Treks (Bhutan) made arrangements for our trip. Everything went smoothly from beginning to end.

Thanks again so much for all your patience and kindness while I was there.

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