John O. Rose

I had the privelege of joining Tenga – La for the Buddhist empowerment tour in India.
I just wanted to write and say that the trip was wonderful, truly the experience of a lifetime. Tenga-la knows everyone in India, apparently, at least everyone who counts! His breadth of knowledge of Himachal Pradesh and the Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and other sites is encyclopedic. His knowledge of the Buddhadharma is likewise vast and was extremely helpful.

As a tourguide, Tenga – La was all that I could ask for. He took excellent care of us, and is a very warm and friendly person, to boot. He did everything imaginable (and lots of things I never would have thought of) to make everyone on the tour happy. Considering the variety of people and desires represented on our tour, that was no mean accomplishment.
If I were to change one thing about the tour, I would add more down time – more time to rest and integrate the incredible richness and diversity of experience we encountered.
Thanks for a wonderful experience. I am saving money for a Bhutan tour soon as I can make it. Please give my warmest regards and good wishes to Tenga-la himself.

Thanks again so much for all your patience and kindness while I was there.

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