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Founded in 1999, Lingkor is an established and reputable company that specializes in journeys to Bhutan. Journeys we like to turn into experiences and memories rather than just a trip. With our hardship and support from our clients over the years, we have now reached among the top ten tour operators in Bhutan. Our mission is to continually strive for excellence by offering the best value and service to our clients.

Our itineraries are designed with great degree of flexibility to meet luxury and budget trips as well as adventures for the individual or groups. Exploring the less traveled areas of Bhutan, we offer great opportunity to learn the unique happy culture of this friendly Bhutanese population. Our trips guided by the experts range from driving tours, easy walking, to strenuous trekking for the more adventurous clients. Trips are usually planned to coincide with many of our colorful festivals. There are many tours to fit every interest; from textiles to bird watching, day hiking, photography, rafting, bicycle tours, and fascinating excursions you can make to villages, temples, or scenic spots. The cars & buses used during our tours are all imported from Japan, and have all the safety, comfort, and luxury needed. The accommodations offered are of the best available and are selected according to location, services, and surroundings.

Our treks range from mild to some of the most strenuous treks in the world and are fully equipped with gear imported from the US and supported by the most experienced trek leaders and crew. We carry our own supplies and provisions to ensure quality checks on hygiene and food with comfortable tented accommodations that meet our high standard. Our porters and animal pack carry all bags, food, tents etc. and our staff arranges the cooking, dishes, and putting up of camps. Basically everything! You just have to walk from point A to point B, leave the rest to us. Our trip leaders are the most experienced with vast knowledge of culture, religion, history and nature.

The itineraries in the following pages are sample tours & treks, refined over years to provide the best value for our clients. If, however, you find the fixed itineraries not suitable for you, please email us at trepatsang@gmail.com or tsheringyangdhen@gmail.com, we will be more than happy to work with you to prepare a customized itinerary for you.

In our tour we offer two different divisions: LUXURY TOUR and STANDARD TOUR. Luxury tour package offers you a luxury trip with 5 star services and accommodation where available. Standard tour packages have been designed to meet budget trips and expectations of the individual or groups.

We look forward to planning your next tour to the Kingdom of Bhutan, a tour that we can turn into experiences and memories of a lifetime.


Thanks again so much for all your patience and kindness while I was there.

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